Created in 2007 by three activists from the Fight Against Modern Slavery, SOS ESCAVES has been able, over time, to achieve some of its objectives even if much remains to be done. SOS ESCLAVES is at the disposal of the victims of slavery to listen to them as long as necessary and entrust the examination of their problems to a multidisciplinary team which will seek with them solutions in harmony with their new life.

Since its creation, the association has taken care of more than 60 victims who presented all the difficulties related to their exploitation, all procedures have been initiated and succeeded. Today, about fifteen criminal, industrial tribunal and immigration law proceedings are underway. During the summer of 2017, 5 victims of Filipino nationality obtained from the Paris Police Prefecture a 1-year residence permit authorizing work. These mothers were thus able to return to their families and see their children whom they had not seen for 4 or 5 years, or even more, with the guarantee of being able to subsequently return to French territory and resume their work. In Diverse Participations: After HUMAN, Yann Artus-Bertrand begins filming WOMAN for which he will interview 3,000 to 4,000 women around the world. His team contacted SOS slaves, which, with their agreement, communicated the contact details of several victims. During the summer of 2017, the interviews took place

This presupposes that they have the right to live in this country and the administrative authority must recognize their status and make them recipients of residence permits, which will allow them to find a job, access training, have a home and no longer live in hiding. SOS ESCAVES works with victims for their access to citizenship.

Thus, SOS ESCLAVES actively participated in the development of a fundamental law on slavery, promulgated on August 5, 2013, making criminal acts which until then could not be prosecuted. It was also necessary that the fight against Human Trafficking be supported whenever acts of slavery and serfdom are judged.
C’est pourquoi était reconnu aux associations le droit de débattre devant toutes les juridictions des atteintes aux libertés et aux droits fondamentaux de notre société.

Similarly, in order to enforce the sentences obtained by the victims, the legislator approved the proposals of SOS ESCLAVES and allowed the intervention of the victims' compensation fund to pay damages in place of missing or impecunious debtors. . These two elements are fundamental and constitute with the law itself a strong advance, but we must remain vigilant every day.
Car, Il y a toujours beaucoup de victimes et c’est en intégrant le collectif


that SOS SLAVE has thought of both making itself useful and participating in this noble fight..