SOS Esclaves defends the cause of the fight against modern slavery in the media

“Slavery was abolished in France by a decree dated April 27, 1848. For many it is no more than a distant and shameful memory of our history. Yet it still exists close to home. Tina Okpara and Christophe Lavigne are living proof of this. She was tortured and enslaved by her adoptive mother and raped by her adoptive father, a famous PSG footballer. He was reduced to the rank of slave by his bosses, a couple of bakers living in Arcachon and apparently very respectable. » Interview by students from a journalism school in Tours on the subject of modern slavery

Canal+ program (in French language)

« La nouvelle Edition » du 28 mai 2013
Conference in a media library with a victim of slavery in December 2013.
Participation on February 14, 2014 in the program "The voice is free" hosted by Alexandre Meyer on Radio Notre Dame on modern slavery devoted to modern slavery and the position of Pope Francis on this subject.
Avec la participation d’Anick Fougeroux la présidente de SOS ESCLAVES, « Maria » une victime Philippine, accompagnée de Sally Rousset, adhérente, assurant la traduction et Dominique Renou, adhérent ayant représenté l’association à Rome les 2 et 3 novembre 2013 au colloque organisé sur la traite des êtres humains par le Vatican.