Provides social and legal assistance to victims and has the mission of sheltering, protecting and defending victims

Since its creation, the association has taken care of more than 60 victims who presented all the difficulties related to their exploitation, all procedures have been initiated and succeeded. Today, about fifteen criminal, industrial tribunal and immigration law proceedings are underway. During the summer of 2017, 5 victims of Filipino nationality obtained from the Paris Police Prefecture a 1-year residence permit authorizing work. These mothers were thus able to return to their families and see their children whom they had not seen for 4 or 5 years, or even more, with the guarantee of being able to subsequently return to French territory and resume their work. In Diverse Participations: After HUMAN, Yann Artus-Bertrand begins filming WOMAN for which he will interview 3,000 to 4,000 women around the world. His team contacted SOS slaves, which, with their agreement, communicated the contact details of several victims. During the summer of 2017, the interviews took place


Founded in 2007 SOS slaves is a non-profit association law 1901 with a humanitarian vocation

who: Fight against Human Trafficking and the exploitation of people reduced to slavery at home or in businesses. Provides legal, moral, psychological and social assistance to victims so that they know their rights to live in a legal situation and have them recognized and regain full independence.


Its operation is ensured by a Board of Directors and a team of multidisciplinary volunteers.

Its operation is ensured by a Board of Directors and a team of multidisciplinary volunteers of about fifteen people: specialized lawyers, jurists, external consultants, psychologists, social workers, doctors, foster families. Since June 2016, SOS slaves has been able to acquire a coworking space located in Paris, consisting of an apartment in which victims can come and even take refuge at any time. The association belongs to a collective "Ensenble against human trafficking made up of 25 associations and on this occasion participated in 2017 in the filming of a film dedicated to child victims of slavery in France. Essentially financed by grants from its members, SOS Esclaves was able, thanks to its results, to obtain financial aid from the city of Paris.

Our areas of action

The team is getting stronger

In 2019, two newcomers to the association: Jacqueline and Hubert, both Lawyers particularly interested in the problems of Trafficking and Modern Slavery came to lend us a hand. The first assists Anick Fougeroux in the procedures, the second, retired, is working on writing information on the activities of the association and on the news of the fight against modern slavery in France and around the world. A young doctoral student, Laura, has been given the mission of cleaning up our website to make it more accessible to users. 2020 will be the year of renewal